ois & nix are 2 musicians who think outside the box:

22.04.2014 19:03

They both have been raised on Rock music and got to know each other playing together in various Rock bands. And soon they found themselves jamming with their acoustic guitars, trying out some sweet tunes, and coloring their music with heartfelt lyrics in the local vernacular of their homeland, the most Eastern part of Austria. This was around 2008, when “ois & nix” was born. In the following years, the two friends played loads of shows, built up their own home studio (söwa studiös) as well as their own record label (söwa recörds), and in 2013 finally released their first self-titled album “ois & nix” (out on lexliszt12 and söwa recörds). It features 15 tracks of mellow guitar-pop music, and its songs speak of true honesty and authenticity. Although some of their tracks (“Stoak Verbunden”, “Telegramm aus der Sonne”, “Da guade oide Rock & Roll”, …) get regular airplay on major radio stations all across Austria, for “ois & nix” nothing can beat the feeling of playing live, setting their hearts and voices in tune, and sharing their music with their audience.


ois & nix o68o 2o55522 ois.und.nix@gmx.at